Aastra 6773ip - Standard IP system telephone for OpenCom and Aastra 800

To give the user clear information, the Aastra 6773ip features a four-line display. A line key, two softkeys (labelled in the display) and five individually configurable function keys help you get to grips with even the most difficult communications tasks.
The Aastra 6773ip can be flexibly expanded with up to three Aastra M671 keypad extensions.
Key Extension Aastra M671

Aastra M671 Expansion Module

This keypad add-on makes an additional 36 softkeys available. It is compatible with the Aastra 6773, Aastra 6773ip, Aastra 6775 and Aastra 6775ip. Up to three M671 with 36 keys each can be connected.

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