Aastra 142d

Aastra 142d - DECT handset for IP-DECT and TDM-DECT

The Aastra 142d offers a vibration alarm, headset socket, hands-free mode and keypad lighting. The amber-coloured illuminated display makes for simple intuitive operation using the system menus and browsing through the phone book. The integrated memory card stores the device identification for the system, the local phone book and all the user's personal settings.
charger rack with handsets

Aastra 142d Charger Rack

Installing a Charger Rack with handsets, in a central position, can offer employees conveniently positioned fully charged phones, continually on stand-by, for all to use. The handsets can be personalized via individual PINs‘.

The Charger Rack is perfect for enviroments where employees have no fixed work place – e.g. working in hospitals or department stores etc. – it is a basic requirement for their availability to have a cordless telephone continually at hand.

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