Aastra 342w Wi-Fi Handset

Aastra 342w - Voice over Wireless LAN Communication for the Workplace

The Aastra 342w Wi-Fi handset delivers on a fundamental need for enterprise-grade on-site voice mobility utilizing a company’s existing Wireless LAN infrastructure. In addition to its market leading HD voice quality, durability, advanced features and WLAN interoperability, the 342w also offers a built-in barcode reader making it an extremely powerful data capture and communications device all in one.
Designed with the requirements of on-site workers in the healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries in mind – the Aastra 342w WLAN handset unites the most critical elements of workplace communications within a single mobile device that is highly reliable, extra durable, and easy to use.

Like a “desk phone in your hand” the high definition voice quality of the 342w provides crystal clear conversations. The handset also supports text alerts and instant messaging that can replace overhead paging for a quieter, more peaceful environment. A fully-integrated push-to-talk functionality makes it easy to instantly reach specialized teams within your organization, and eliminates the need for two-way radios. And with the on-board Web browser and standards based developer environment, the handset provides fast, easy access to applications and references.

Aastra WLAN handsets offers more than pure telephony features: they really integrate with your business processes in order to create value. The Aastra 342w with its built-in 1D/2D barcode reader is an extremely powerful information portal to important resources and business critical databases.

Embedded API tools enable programmers to easily develop and customize third-party applications for Aastra 340w, such as alarm notification solutions for the healthcare industry, which further enhances the customer value proposition. Third party developers can register to gain access to the API under Aastra’s A2P2 ecosystem framework.

Aastra 342w is completed with a comprehensive set of accessories such as a speakerphone dock providing full duplex HD voice, different charging options (dual and quad chargers) as well a standard and extended life battery option.

The Aastra 342w is supported on the Aastra 5000 and Aastra MX-ONE solutions.

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