Aastra 400

Aastra 400 - Telephony and more!

The Aastra 400 opens the full performance spectrum of modern business communication: Aastra 400 offers an all-in-one Unified & Collaborative Communications solution which is seamlessly integrated into the system.

The product range includes communication servers, terminals, software and mobility solutions as well as unified and collaborative communication applications.

Telephony and more - Best Performance for your Business Communication

The server handles the setting up and cutting of connection, both internally and externally. It also makes all telephony functions and communication services available. Switchover from IP-based to traditional analogue or digital telephony is ensured with integrated Media Gateways.

Some highlights of the Aastra 400 family

  • Cutting-edge technologies like VoIP, SIP and XML, as basis for innovative communication solutions
  • Seamless availability on the company premises (DECT, SIP-DECT and WLAN) and outside the company premises (FMC) with professional, integrated mobility solutions
  • Broad range of terminals
  • Uniform and intuitive deployment of all terminals integrated into the system (fixed phone, cordless handsets, Softphone, mobile phone)
  • Unified and collaborative communications
  • Specific solutions for contact centres, care facilities and hotels as well as monitoring; and alarm systems
  • Technological independence and future-proof development, thanks to an open system architecture and use of global standards (e.g. SIP)
  • Huge connection possibilities for multi-site companies


  • The same software for all Aastra 400 communication servers:
    • The same services offer
    • The same ergonomics
    • The same applications
    • The same terminals
  • Unified & Collaborative Communication solution, including CTI, video conference, chat and desktop sharing, with Aastra 470 without the need for an external PC
  • Future-oriented, VoIP based communication server
  • Openness and investment protection thanks to the use of standard interfaces and protocols
  • Integrated voicemail system
  • Modular architecture with step-by-step-expansion
  • Integrated SIP protocol for connecting to public networks via service poviders as well as for connecting SIP terminals and SIP-based applications

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