Aastra 700

Aastra 700 - Smarter Communications for Your Business

Aastra 700 is an easy to use communications solution as well as a smart and scalable investment for the future. The Aastra 700 solution offers the right mix of components to address a broad spectrum of industry segments, but can be tailored to meet specific needs of SME customers in greenfield scenarios. Aastra 700 is also positioned to capture replacement scenarios in the 40 to 300 user segment as well as for MX-ONE branch node and multi-site network scenarios.
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BluStar 8000i Desktop Media Phone

BluStar 8000i

The Aastra BluStar™ 8000i Desktop Media Phone is a powerful desktop video conferencing and collaboration tool that is designed to enhance the way you communicate and collaborate.

  • Large 13 inch colour TFT display
  • True 720p HD video for video calling and video conferencing
  • 3 high fidelity speakers providing outstanding HD Audio
  • PC desktop sharing while still viewing video participants

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BluStar main

BluStar for PC

Aastra BluStar for PC delivers high-quality audio, HD video and access to a set of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) features from a single client on the desktop. The client is directly integrated with the communication server.

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BluStar iPad & iPhone image

BluStar for iPad and iPhone

Aastra BluStar™ for iPad & iPhone enables high quality video and voice calling from an intuitively easy to use application, providing natural communication options for mobile users.

  • High quality video & voice communications utilizing a data network connection
  • High quality video communications – peer-to-peer, H.264
  • HD audio SIP softphone supporting G.722, G.711, ILBC codecs
  • Intuitive interface facilitates ease of use
  • Session Border Controller (SBC) & VPN support - enabling remote access

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People around a conference room table

BluStar for Conference Room

Aastra BluStar for Conference Room provides a versatile HD video conferencing solution supporting an external HD camera, HD capable displays & audio options. BluStar for Conference Room promotes frequent and ad-hoc use making group collaboration easy.

  • True HD video and audio communication
  • Ad-hoc conferencing capabilities for multi-way conferencing without the need of a multi-conference unit (MCU)
  • Designed for ease of use and simple configuration
  • Open standards based application - SIP call control & H.264 video encoding

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