Aastra Hotel Suite

Aastra Hotel Suite

A hotel must offer its customers quality service. To do this it needs tools capable of managing the multitude of services offered, in particular phone, Internet, Television and Video on Demand services.
For greater efficiency, Aastra Hotel Suite centralises all your hotel, Telephone, Internet, television and video on demand management thanks to a single software: the Front-Office.
Aastra Hotel suite also provides vocal services in twelve languages, such as voice messaging and wake-up services.
Aastra Hotel Suite is a universal gateway, that allows with simplest configuration interconnection between a Communication Server and a PMS (Property Management System).

A PMS is a software composed of two parts : the Front-Office software and the Back-Office software. The Front-Office is in charge of all the services related to Guests (Check-in, check-out, restaurant, bar, Internet access, television, video on demand, ..). The back-office software deals with all other services (suppliers, stock, staff, pay,…)

AHS is able to link nearly any type of Front-Office to a Communication Server.

Depending on the PMS type and on the Communication Server type, AHS is able to do :

  • Check-in / Check-out of a guest
  • Collect the billing information (for the PMS)
  • Update of directory with the guest name
  • DDI affectation,
  • MWI & DND management,
  • iPbx wake-up management, …

In addition, an hotel owes supply high value services, real security of quality and comfort for his guests : the provision of a voice mailbox, the possibility of scheduling directly his wake-up in his language, etc.

The Aastra Hotel Suite solution proposes among others a voice server to insure:

  • A multilingual vocal wake-up for the guests, programmed in autonomous by these in their room or directly by the hotel (through PMS or AHS)
  • A voice messaging system: a voice mailbox is attributed to the co-workers and to every guest, allowing to hear for each his vocal messages (from inside / outside of the Hotel) 

Aastra Hotel suite also offers financial management and traffic analysis modules and triple-play facilities.

 Capacities :

  • Rooms : from 50 to 800
  • Number of ports (voice mail) : from 4 to 24
Rooms : from 50 to 800


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The financial management module of Aastra Hotel Suite offers the following functions :

  • Detailed search by number
  • Financial analysis by phone, sums, period, etc.
  • Sums by tariff zone and period
  • Follow-up and summary of the Internet communications

The traffic analysis module supplies the following functions :

  • Distribution between incoming calls and outgoing calls
  • Sum and detail of the results
  • Choice of the requests
  • Display (boards, histograms)

Triple-play :

Aastra Hotel Suite proposes natively the Internet Access management and optionally the integration with Pay-TV / Video On Demand Systems with the following functions :

  • Follow-up of the rights and accounts of the guests at check-in,
  • Posting of the information towards the Front-Office for invoicing during the Check-out
  • Statistics, sumary of the use and the invoicing (according to products)

AHS is able to link nearly any type of Internet Access / Pay-TV / VoD systems to PMS (according to PMS products).


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