Multimedia Contact Center

Allowing your customers to choose the contact method most convenient for them - phone, e-mail, fax, SMS, chat or web – provides an overall improved customer experience. 

Enable improved agent productivity
Through the use of powerful scripting with skills-based routing for any media, our solutions can greatly improve your customers’ experience by ensuring that calls always go to the right agent – anytime, anywhere, and by any means.

Run your business more efficiently
Investing in a multimedia contact center solution is a good start; measuring Return On Investment is even better. We provide you the tools to measure the Quality of Service and your performance while letting you react in real-time.

Virtualize your contact center
Through the use of virtual agents, you can ensure your business keeps running even when your facilities are not. When a disaster strikes or a pandemic keeps employees at home, Aastra call center solutions allow your agents to log in from anywhere, creating a “virtual call center” with no interruption in service for your customers.

Enable remote agents
Your agents can be located anywhere - across multiple sites, working at home, etc. – and still have access to the corporate information and support they require to provide excellent customer service. 

Female Contact center agent
Aastra’s contact center solutions are designed to help you meet and exceed your customer’s expectations. Whether you have a need for just a few agents, or several thousand, Aastra has a solution for you.

Success Stories

Customers using Aastra Contact Center Solutions


Aastra levererar modern och funktionell kundservice till sportjätten Stadium

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Tata Steel Improves Customer Service with Aastra Hardware

Tata Steel is a steelmaking subsidiary of Tata Group. The European operations wanted to improve their customer service and video conferencing, so they installed Aastra’s Solidus eCare and OneBox.

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Aerial Improves Customer Service with a new Contact Center

Aerial Capital Group is the communication provider for Canberra’s largest fleet of taxis. Aerial wanted to improve their Customer Service, so they consulted Aastra for MX-ONE and Solidus eCare.

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UC Upgrade for the Turku University Hospital (TYKS)

Unified communication solutions have speeded up the internal flow of information and enhanced reachability, improved customer service and made the hospital's operations more effective.

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Jimm's PC Store decided to revamp its customer service connections

Mobile phones were replaced by Aastra's Solidus eCare system, which eliminates phone queues and helps allocate service resources more effectively

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The Finnish Centre for Pensions (ETK) develops customer service

Contact Center solution of ETK included imporoved service, improved reachability and quality of customer calls, balanced distribution of calls and easier management of call/call circles

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Efficient customer service with lower costs

Ahola Transport, one of the leading transportation companies in the Nordic countries and Baltic states, decided to improve its communications and customer service.

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Avis Scandinavia

The car rental company AVIS is totally dependant on their telephony system for their business. If there is no one who can answer the telephone when a customer calls, they will lose a business.

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Sveden Wood

When Sveden Wood installed an Aastra 700 the telephony cost was significantly reduced, the service to customers calling in was improved and the staff could adopt a more modern way of working.

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Solidus solved customer service at Koskiklinikka

In recent years, the Koskiklinikka medical clinic has been determinedly focusing on customer service. Aastra's solutions have helped to clear high call volumes and freed up resources when needed.

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Smiths Medical chooses Aastra to support merger & acquisition activity

Smiths Medical integrates multiple contact centers and customer service 800 numbers while maintaining outstanding customer service and maximizing corporate resources

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Sajus simplifies and streamlines communications with AastraLink Pro

Sajus Technologies chooses Aastra to help integrate business processes with AastraLink Pro 160.

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VOO is one of the largest cable operators in Belgium

VOO opts for Aastra's Solidus eCare Multimedia Contact Center solution

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Viking Line

Viking Line commenced its services in 1959. Today, Viking Line owns seven vessels, which sail between the Finnish mainland, Åland and Sweden as well as between Finland and the Baltic states.

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The Carlsberg Group upgrades its telephony infrastructure

Carlsberg awards Aastra a five-year managed services contract to upgrade its telephony infrastructure in Europe providing unified communications for more than 8,500 extensions

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AIPA SpA needs a secure solution based on proven technology

AIPA required a solution to offer citizens a single Customer Service Number in all the municipalities where AIPA has a contract.

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Press Organisation improves its communication system

Lambrakis Press required a communications system which would provide a rich range of high-quality features and an innovative solution to cater to its needs.

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