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Aastra's MX-ONE gets a "Very Strong" rating from Current Analysis! Read their latest independent product assessment.

Don't Take Our Word for It - Read What Analysts Are Saying About the Aastra MX-ONE

US-based analyst firm Current Analysis features the Aastra MX-ONE® as part of its research service for business communications solutions. Current Analysis offers a dedicated service to decision makers to compare products and vendors and help them make efficient and informed buying decisions.

This independent product assessment provides an in-depth analysis of the Aastra MX-ONE. The MX-ONE gets a "Very Strong" rating in the mid to large scale enterprise communications platforms segment. Here is what Current Analysis had to say about Aastra's MX-ONE.

"MX-ONE has particularly well integrated mobility software, with extension mobility being native to the platform, all telephony features being available on all types of mobile clients (DECT phone, WiFi phones, and soft phones), and contact center agents having access to mobile client software. Additionally, the MX-ONE management software not only provides a central point of administration for telephony servers, but also all associated mobility , unified communications, messaging, and other software associated with it."

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Current Analysis Report - Aastra MX-ONE

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