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Aastra IntelliGate systems are the solution that meets all the needs of companies, from small and medium sized businesses to large networks. It's providing telephony services, applications, terminals, media gateways and communication servers to enhance telephony over IP solutions.

The range is compliant with telephony over IP market standards.

Innovative Communication Systems

The IntelliGate range includes the following systems

  • IntelliGate 150
  • IntelliGate 300
  • isyLink 
  • IntelliGate 2025
  • IntelliGate 2045
  • IntelliGate 2065

Aastra offers a global solution that meets all the needs of companies, from small and medium sized businesses to large networks, by providing IPBX services and media gateway enhancements for telephony over IP solutions.

The Aastra IntelliGate range is compliant with telephony over IP market standards, including SIP, H323 and interfaces for CTI application and unified administration. Thanks to its compliance with these standards, the Aastra IntelliGate range adapts to any already existing IT installation and networks. It manages all terminal types: SIP, IP, DECT, digital, analogue, softphones.

Characterised by voice/data convergence, the Aastra IntelliGate solutions contribute to the development of e-business and the Internet, and make it possible to offer unified applications based on scalable infrastructures.

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Networking with Aastra IntelliGate

Aastra IntelliGate transparent networking concept enables all system extensions of the company’s network to be centralised as though it were one single telephone system. Using Voice over IP across an existing data network with Quality of Service (QoS) companies can now guarantee high quality inter-branch communications that can significantly reduce their call costs and improve efficiency.
What’s more the QSIG interface also allows third-party systems to be integrated into an Aastra IntelliGate network. And even if you do not have a corresponding data network, Aastra IntelliGate allows you to network your telephone systems in the traditional way, via the exchange connection.

Same performance for all locations

Aastra IntelliGate networked systems provide staff at different company locations with centralised and shared functionality, including useful added features such as extensions status, enquiry call, call divert and call-back, all of which work perfectly even if the users are not in the same building. It is even possible to set up user groups with individual staff from different locations.
Another option is to connect the telephone terminals directly to Aastra IntelliGate across the WAN or using the existing IP-based intranet. In this way even smaller company locations and homeworkers can benefit from cost-effective functions.

Network your company

The interconnection of remote company sites, home workplaces and field employees are amongst the strengths of the Aastra IntelliGate 150/300. Voice transmission takes place either over the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) or via broadband data networks (LAN, WAN). Regardless of their actual whereabouts, your employees have all the functions and services available that they would have at the company's headquarters. The rapid transfer to VoIP is today particularly attractive for those companies that have a high level of voice traffic between geographically separated company sites. With VoIP, you Telephone cost-free throughout the entire internal communications network.
Even networking with the Aastra IntelliGate 20x5 system family functions without problems. The expansion of an existing Aastra IntelliGate Network (AIN) with an Aastra IntelliGate 150/300 can be done at any time. Connections to third-party systems are implemented via the QSIG or SIP interface.

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