MX-ONE - Multimedia Collaboration Solution

By integrating voice, video and IM with mobility, Aastra MX-ONE is a full-featured communication server bringing new dimensions to the modern enterprise. With its fully distributed architecture, the MX-ONE solution can be deployed with or without dedicated media gateway hardware (Softswitch only) in a centralized or distributed fashion as a sinlge logical system or alternatively as networked systems across hundreds of geographically dispersed locations – and is scalable from 300-500,000 users.
Freedom of choice – Industry-independent solution
The different roles in an organization, such as administrators, business users, contact center agents and attendants require specific competencies, which, in turn require specific applications. From Aastra’s perspective, a ”one-size-fits-all” UCC solution simply doesn’t cut it. That’s why Aastra’s comprehensive set of UCC applications fully integrated with the MX-ONE communication platform cater to the different user needs with customized solutions, tailored to fit the individual user profile and situation.
Meeting the UCC needs of a wide range of industries and customers, no industry or sector is a stranger to the MX-ONE solution. To date, the MX-ONE solution is deployed in vertical organizations in the world of travel, transport, education, manufacturing, health care, emergency services, public safety, local authorities, finance, insurance, tourism, and many more.
Additionally, the MX-ONE solution enjoys an unparalleled history of offering investment protection to an impressive installed base of more than 60,000 customers in over 100 countries.

You set investment pace
All communication services converge over one network no matter if fixed or mobile, public or private, working seamlessly together as a single infrastructure, instantly accessible anywhere and everywhere. These state-of-the-art collaboration opportunities not only save invaluable time, but heighten productivity and improve overall enterprise effectiveness. By deploying an IP voice and data infrastructure organizations can also immediately start saving on operational costs. In addition, the MX-ONE, a single common infrastructure, is much easier to manage as it makes use of IT and operation and management tools for both voice and data applications.
Solution Benefits
  • Built as one open infrastructure with multiple options
  • Flexible solutions for different user profiles and customer verticals
  • Intuitive multimedia and real-time communication with BluStar high-quality audio & HD video
  • Solution integrated mobility
  • Smart, future proof and scalable investment
  • Enabling the world of cloud services and virtualization
  • Comprehensive communication tool box for contact center services, attendant solutions and business collaboration

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