Aastra DECT handsets

DECT Handsets

With the Aastra mobile DECT handsets, versatile communications and efficient cooperation have become child’s play.
DECT Base Stations

DECT Infrastructure

The DECT base stations are the basic modules used to interface DECT radio networks with call managers. The infrastructure could be based on IP or SIP.

Alerting Application

The alerting application corresponds to many needs of industrial and health sector. It broadcasts alarm messages to DECT terminals for example.

SIP-DECT Solution

With SIP-DECT, each call manager and communication server can be completed with DECT which uses SIP on the subscriber side.
Women with WLAN Handset

WLAN Handsets

Using existing Wireless LAN infrastructures, WLAN handsets, also known as Wi-Fi handsets, improve the productivity and responsiveness of mobile professionals on site in a wide range of sectors

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