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  • Councils & City Halls
  • Governmental & regional institutions
  • Utilities

Providing local authorities with top quality services that meet the residents’ increasing demands, while processing their requests quickly and efficiently is the new challenge facing administration. Aastra develops a range of unified communication solutions perfectly suited to the different needs of local authorities in terms of reception, information, quality of service, performance, security and closeness with residents.

Industry Needs

  • Develop new value added multimedia services
  • Implement convergent solutions
  • Increase reactivity and efficiency
  • Reduce cost and optimize human resources
  • Realize Green IT policy

They have chosen Aastra

Improved services and response times needed by municipality

A key requirement was that the system allows users to move seamlessly between the fixed-line and mobile network via IP telephony.

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Government Administration Services (G.A.S.)

G.A.S. wanted a secure, stable, effective and flexible communications solution that would provide better customer service – and preferably be ‘green’ as well.

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Aastra Solutions
  • Greeting solutions
  • Mobility / Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)
  • Alarm server
  • Collaborative Solutions and Unified Communications
  • Integration in existing applications
  • Video solutions

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