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Aastra is a leading global communications company providing solutions for small and medium sized businesses, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments. Aastra is focused on meeting our customers' communication technology needs while exceeding their expectations for value and performance.

Aastra 800

The Aastra 800 is an innovative call manager, which is not hardware dependent and therefore does not require proprietary ITC hardware.
Aastra 400 Server

Aastra 400

The Aastra 400 offers an all-in-one Unified & Collaborative Communications solution for Small Business
Aastra Intelligate Platform

Aastra IntelliGate Systems

A full range of innovative IP communication systems.

OpenCom 100 series

OpenCom 100 is synonymous with simplification: telephone (TK), internet (IP), messaging and complex applications all use the same platform.

Small & Medium Business using Aastra Solutions

Robinson Upgrades Communication with Aastra 470 Server

By replacing their existing system with an Aastra 470 communication server and SIP phones, Robinson Legal, a Sydney law firm, was able to save a significant amount in monthly charges and call costs.

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Aerial Improves Customer Service with a new Contact Center

Aerial Capital Group is the communication provider for Canberra’s largest fleet of taxis. Aerial wanted to improve their Customer Service, so they consulted Aastra for MX-ONE and Solidus eCare.

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The new PBX for Delphi was paid in a few days

Delphi’s switch board got a new software installed called Office 1560 which is very easy to use and much more intuitive than the old Philips software

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AIPA SpA needs a secure solution based on proven technology

AIPA required a solution to offer citizens a single Customer Service Number in all the municipalities where AIPA has a contract.

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Leading tour operator updates its communcation system

The new communication system needed to be equipped with cordless DECT phones and include the ability to make telephone calls via PC applications.

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Exclusive Cars was looking for a new modern telephone system

Aastra presented its solution to the staff – BusinessPhone 8.1 with Mobile Extension providing integrated mobile phones for most of its employees.

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Château de Bonmont updates system and adds mobility

Being able to take and make phone calls at any time is essential for many staff members – and that means anywhere on the grounds. What’s more, the handsets need to be simple to use.

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Nonprofit organization upgrades its communications system

Efficient communication is an essential asset for Berliner Tafel as it needs to react quickly to the offers made by food resellers and stores, caterers and warehouses.

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