Avis Scandinavia
AVIS is a worldwide car rental company with 400 offices and annual sales of about one and a half billion dollars yearly in only Scandinavia. Totally there are about 15,000 cars available.
  • More staff active at the same time, both internal and external
  • Increase the number of answered calls without expanding the call center
  • 5% less dropped calls
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Avis Scandinavia

AVIS local agencies had previously been involved when it comes to give out car keys only, but now they want to become significantly more involved in the sales process as well. Up to now AVIS has had a call center in Gothenburg, which took care of all customer inquiries and all bookings of a rental car for the whole of Scandinavia: Sweden, Norway and Denmark. But the limit has been reached when it is not profitable to expand the call center anymore. Insteas Avis wanted to make better use of the staff and temporarily use free call center agents working on commission.

AVIS goal is to get below 5 percent dropped calls, both external and internal and to avoid having to get the approximately 300 agents that would be needed in Gothenburg. To achieve this it was necessary to think in new ways. Everyone in the organization who can answer one type of call must be getting these calls. The system is built to handle a total of 1000 agents and today it manages about 200. That figure is constantly rising and before the summer of 2011 it will be up to 450 working simultaneously.

Mats Dani, Commercial Services Manager for AVIS Scandinavian region, having overall responsibility for telephony within the company thinks telephony is the company's main communication channel and will remain so for a long time. To connect all local offices as agents is a brilliant idea that could not have been accomplished without Solidus eCare. Web pages are fine, but people renting a car often have questions regarding the equipment, baby seats, etc. and therefore they want to talk to someone.

"No one else could build a call center of this size as well as Aastra. The system is very user friendly in all aspects, for example when it comes to building new groups, add new agents and to achieve the constant changes that are needed. Additionally the report modules are easy to use and just fantastic."
Mats Dani, Commercial Services Manager Avis Scandinavia


  • Expansion of Solidus eCare contact center with agents in branch offices and home workers
  • CMG attendant application, SpeechAttendant and voice mail
  • MX-ONE Telephony Server

  • Almost no dropped calls
  • Resources and qualifications used in the best way, everyone helps out
  • 90% of all issues are solved immediately
  • Free call center agents working on commission
  • The attendant function is relived and the attendants can thereby focus on calls where they really are needed
  • The result is a fast and effective customer service

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